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Welcome to the Happy Hour Club

For Beginners

Essentials Beginners Essentials Guide – A break down of the basics you need to get started

YouTube Channel Recommendations– See our suggestions for popular YouTube channels on all things mixology

10 Easy Mixology Skills to Impress – You don’t have to be a professional to create impressive cocktails that will have your friends and family asking for more

For Hobbyists

Best Mixology Books – Take your creations to the next level with these top rated books

Printable Cocktail Recipe Journals – Share the joy of journaling your creations with a friend!

Best Mocktail Recipe Books – Interested in trying zero-proof cocktail recipes? Start here!

For Professional Mixologists

10 Most Popular Modern Mixology Techniques (2023) – Stay up-to-date on the hottest (and sometimes coolest) trends in mixology

Top Mixology Blogs – Always refining your craft and learning more? See what other trendsetters are doing